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 We believe that every student has their own learning style, and it is difficult if not impossible for a teacher managing 20+ students to recognize and cater to every child in an effective way. This is why ‘One on One’ instruction is so crucial! We not only strive but take pride in providing the highest quality ‘One on One’ instruction.


Our Origin Story – by Chattar Singh (Founder of MathMobile Tutorials)

Hello and thank you for taking the time out of your day to get to know more about me, my wife, and our school MathMobile Tutorials! I was born and raised in India where I received a heavily disciplined education. I came to the United States, as so many do, to get a college education and pursue the American Dream. My first experience of the U.S education system came when I attended Mississippi State University where I received my first MBA. It was quite the culture shock – students were able to interact with professors somewhat freely, students did not need to wear uniforms, and students were even allowed to chew gum in class. None of these things were acceptable at my previous institutions in India. I then moved to El Paso, Texas to attend the University of Texas El Paso (UTEP) where I received my second MBA and met my lovely wife.

After graduation, I became a math teacher at one of the finest private schools in El Paso. I loved working with the students and teaching math! However, I immediately recognized that some students were unable to keep pace with the rest of the class and as a result their scores were lower and, in some cases, much lower. Many of these students that were falling behind were struggling with ADHD, Dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. I believed it was my duty as an educator to help these kids, so I stayed for several hours after the end of the school day to provide additional instruction to these students in either smaller groups or in a one on one capacity. Very soon after, these students scores were elevated from the bottom to the top of the class! Eventually, some of the parents began to complain to the school administrators; not because I was doing more to assist their children, but because other instructors were not doing the same. The school administrators informed me that I was no longer allowed to hold afterschool sessions in the classroom, but I refused to give up on these children!

This is how MathMobile was born: Since I could no longer hold extended classes in the classroom, I went to the student’s homes and began tutoring them at their kitchen table. Then parents started requesting help for their English studies, so Mrs. Singh stepped in to assist these students. After a while I realized I was making a greater impact with these students and their education in this more personal one on one format than I was in the classroom. So, I left my comfy job at the private school and Mrs. Singh and I committed to MathMobile “Full Time” filling our schedules from 8am – 10pm every day Monday through Sunday. As more students were requesting our help, we realized we couldn’t take on more students without sacrificing the quality of the instruction for our existing students, which was of course unacceptable to us. To serve more students, we hired our first tutor; a young, brilliant woman that was finishing her graduate program at UTEP. It was hard entrusting our students to another person, but any reservations we may have had were quickly dispelled by this young lady’s amazing work. So, this became the model for MathMobile. We have excellent relationships with UTEP and many other universities to provide work for the brightest tutors, most of whom are finishing their graduate programs so they can become teachers themselves.

In 2004, MathMobile Tutorials was just that, a mobile math tutor. Over the years we have grown so much as a company that we are now recognized as a “private school” by the state of Texas. We have certifications to offer accredited courses in everything from English to Physics, French, and so much more. We have been able to expand; to tutor and provide instruction for every subject K – 12th; while maintaining our core values, providing one on one instruction, and keeping our prices reasonable so that our services can be broadly available. We are proud to serve our community in our traditional one on one in-person capacity, as well as offer services that are available online nationwide.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company! I hope we will have the opportunity to provide you the same quality of service that we have provided thousands of students for nearly 17 years.

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