What are Courses for Credit?

MathMobile Courses for Credit are accredited K - 12 courses accepted by schools and colleges nationwide. Our courses are taken 1 on 1 so your child receives all the instructor's attention. Small group courses are available upon request. 

MathMobile offers both standard and AP courses. Each semester course awards 0.5 credit. A minimum of 2 semester courses must be taken in order to receive 1.0 credit. 

Standard semester courses will include 25 hours of one-on-one instruction and 25 hours of lab work. 

AP Semester courses will include 30 hours of one-on-one instruction and 30 hours of lab work. 


Why would I want to take a Course for Credit?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider taking our Courses for Credit in our One-on-One setting:

Getting Ahead: We offer both standard and AP courses. Taking our accredited courses could allow you or your child the opportunity to get ahead in their class schedule so that more advanced courses could be taken. AP (Advanced Placement) courses are highly recommended for anyone interested in going to college after High School.

Boost Your GPA: Maybe you are on the fringe of a desired GPA (Grade Point Average); whether that be for personal, professional, or academic reasons. Taking an additional course and doing well in it can give you the chance to “bump” your overall grade average.

Summer School Replacement: The courses could be taken to replace or avoid summer school. We are COGNIA certified, so our courses are accredited and accepted nationwide. If you or your child failed a class, rather than retaking the class during the summer, you could enroll in one of courses during the following semester or elect to complete your summer school with us with a schedule that you set. 


How much do Courses for Credit Cost?

One Standard Semester Course (0.5 Credit) - $980 

One AP Semester Course (0.5 Credit) - $1295

*Note: a minimum of 2 semesters must be taken to receive 1.0 credit

Which courses do you offer?

You can see our current course offerings below. 

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