Frequently asked questions

Can I receive services online?

Yes, all of MathMobile services are available either online or in person.

Can hours be transfered between siblings?

Yes, all hours purchased with MathMobile are transferable within the immediate family. Please note that hours may NOT be transfered to extended family members (viz. cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, etc).

What is your cancelation policy?

Pay as you go members may cancel their service without penalty at any time at least 24 hours prior to their next session. Last minute cancelations will still be charged the full session price. There are no refunds for cancelation of memberships and/or contracts. Any cancelation of a contract will result in a 15% penalty due at the time of cancelation.

Can I receive tutoring for college classes?

Yes, MathMobile offers tutoring for Pre-K - 12th, as well as to college students. Many of our tutors and instructors are graduate students and offer tutoring in their given field. Please contact us for more information about your specific needs.

Do I have to live in Texas?

No, we offer our services to students all over the country. However, services tendered outside of El Paso, TX wil be online only.

What subjects do you tutor in?

MathMobile Tutorials covers all subjects from Pre-K - 12th Grade, as well as select college courses.

Do you offer online tutoring?

Yes, all of our services are available either online or in person.

Do your hours expire?

No, hours purchased from MathMobile never expire!

Do your Courses for Credit transfer to my school?

Yes, MathMobile is SACS CASI certified through COGNIA (formerly AdvancED) and our courses are transferable nationwide.

Do you offer services on weekends & holidays?

Yes, all MathMobile services are available on weekends & holidays.

How qualified are your tutors?

MathMobile offers the highest quality tutoring service by bringing you the highest quality instructors. Most of our instructors have either already graduated or are currently Grad students. We have partnered with some of the nations top colleges to bring the best and brightest to our team and make them available for you!

Will I get the same tutor everytime?

Mostly yes, we pair our students with instructors that fit their subjects and personality so the selected instructor will be your primary tutor and cover the majority of your sessions. However, just like in school, if the teacher is sick, we will have a substitute available.

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

Yes, we offer flexible monthly payment plans for most of our services. Please see our "Plans and Pricing" page for more details.

Do you provide assesments?

Yes, we offer our students NWEA assessments ($1600 value) 4 times a year for free! NWEA assesments will show your childs progression in their core curriculum and provides the instructors with detailed reports to implement lesson plans accordingly.

What is your money back guarantee?

With 2 hour sessions, three times a week, continuously for 8 weeks; we guarantee your child will improve or you get your money back!