Are you considering homeschooling your child? Why is MathMobile the best option?



MathMobile is COGNIA certified so the classes you take with us are accredited and accepted by schools and universities nationwide. We will match your child with the right team of instructors to cover all the Core classes (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies) and implement additional extracurriculars. Homeschooling sessions are typically 1 on 1 but can be done in group sessions upon request. MathMobile can offer homeschooling at our office, in your home, online, or via a combination of in-person and online.
Homeschool sessions can parallel the standard school year schedule or be modified to fit your schedule.


Another key concept that sets us apart from the competition is our curriculum infrastructure. Prior to instruction, we will have your child take the NWEA assessment. This assessment is free of charge for our Homeschooling students. The NWEA assessment is broken up into 4 tests to gauge your child’s progress in Reading, Writing, Science, and Mathematics. The results of this test will feed into our IXL software – which is the same curriculum software used by the top school districts – for our instructors to set appropriate lesson plans and recognize points of emphasis for your child. With MathMobile leading the instruction, your child will be in good hands!


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For information about Part-Time homeschooling see Courses for Credit 

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