How a SAT or ACT Prep Course Can Help You

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The SAT & ACT can seem very overwhelming, but they do not have to be! With proper preparation, you can take the exam with confidence and give yourself the best chance to get into the school of your choice.

If you are still trying to decide whether the SAT or ACT is the best choice for you, check out our SAT vs ACT guide here.

Why Your SAT/ ACT Score Matters

You are probably already aware that many colleges require you to submit either your SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admissions. You are also probably aware that a strong score will help you stand out amongst potentially hundreds of thousands of applicants and that a low score could potentially eliminate you from consideration. But did you know that your SAT/ ACT score could affect the financial aid you receive? Many schools offer internal merit based scholarships and many of these schools use a students SAT or ACT score as a prerequisite for being eligible to receive these scholarships. Additionally, many third-party (private) organizations also use students' scores to determine eligibility for the scholarships they offer. A strong SAT/ ACT score could potentially save you and your family hundreds of thousands of dollars for your degree.

You may have heard that some prominent schools are no longer requiring students to submit their SAT/ ACT scores to be eligible for admissions. The University of California system is one of the most noteworthy. But let's take UCLA as an example. In 2020, UCLA received over 108,000 applicants and admitted just 15,000. It is well known that UCLA requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and that realistically, a 3.7 or higher GPA is needed to be considered. In fact, the average GPA of admitted students in 2019 was 4.18. UCLA admissions office states that a strong enough SAT score can actually offset the GPA requirement. So if you got a "C" in Economics or P.E, your SAT score can still help you get admitted. Independent of your personal GPA, submitting your application among 100,000 other applicants that all have a 3.7 GPA or higher without submitting your SAT scores will likely eliminate you from consideration. So, while some schools claim they "no longer require SAT scores", it is still a de facto requirement.

1 on 1 Course vs Group Course

Not all SAT/ ACT prep courses are equal. Some test prep courses are done in a group. These courses typically follow along a pre-designed curriculum just like taking another class in school. While this can be beneficial for those who just need a brief refresher, chances are you are not just trying to pass another test; you want to get the best score you can so that your application stands out to the admissions office.

While group test prep courses would be better than nothing at all, you can expect the impact to be minimal. What you really need is a 1 on 1 test prep course that is catered to you! The SAT is comprised of Math and English and the ACT is comprised of Math, English, and Science. Both exams offer an optional essay. If you have superb reading and writing skills but really struggle with math, it would not be very beneficial for you to sit in a test prep course with half of the time dedicated to your strongest skills. A refresher on those reading and writing skills won't hurt you, but what you really need is an emphasis on the math portion of the exam (or vice versa).

How MathMobile Tutorials Prepares You

MathMobile Tutorials offers 1 on 1 Test Prep courses and they always start with a practice exam. The instructor will grade the practice exam and then have a consultation with you and your family to discuss the best individualized approach for you to succeed. This could be an emphasis on math, an emphasis on reading or writing, or a thorough combination of both.

The SAT & ACT Test Prep programs include 80 hours of preparation. 40 hours are dedicated to 1 on 1 instruction and 40 hours are dedicated to lab work. The lab work consists of practice exams and carefully designed exercises to improve your knowledge and skills. Our test prep program will also teach you strong test taking skills that will greatly benefit you throughout the rest of your academic career.

The SAT and ACT are not designed for students to merely regurgitate information that you are going to forget in three months. Rather, they are designed to challenge you on fundamental academic skills that you will need in college such as critical thinking, reading comprehension, and time management. MathMobile will ensure that these fundamental skills are engraved in your psyche so you are thoroughly prepared for whatever comes your way.

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