Summer Learning with MathMobile

By Luke Smith

What happens to your child's brain over the summer? Well that depends how engaged you keep them. MathMobile Tutorials offers several options for students to keep their minds sharp over the summer and many of these options are available with SUMMER SPECIALS!

You might be wondering why Summer Learning is important, "My kid just spent all year in school, I think they need a break!" You're instincts are partially correct. It is good for kids to get a break and enjoy being kids doing fun activities and playing over the summer (see our Things To DO in EL Paso This Summer article for some suggestions). Tons of physical activity is highly recommended but mental activities are also just as important. Students who do not attend any summer learning programs lose between 1/4th to 1/3rd of the learning they did during the school year. You've probably heard the saying "use it or lose it" right? Well that is essentially the case for your kids education. If they are not engaged in any summer learning, they start the next school year at a distinct disadvantage to their peers who do.

The case for summer learning is pretty overwhelming. So you are probably looking for the best solution for your family. This article will detail some perfect optons MathMobile offers (along with some amazing specials).

For Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Mini-Course: Is there a new skill you want your child to learn? MathMobile offers these 10 hour 1-on-1 mini-courses for $600. To enroll, call or text 915-585-6284.

Mental Math - Do you ever wonder how people solve math problems so quickly in their head? Mental Math teaches students "tricks" to solve complex problems quickly in their head which will significantly improve their overall math skills!

Art Basics - What color do you get if you mix green and yellow paint? (Hint: its the same color as the kids pencil box in the photo above) Art Basics will teach kids the basic skills they will need to improve their artistic skills.

Typing Mini-Course - How many words per minute can you type? Kids will learn how to improve their typing speed with fun typing challenges!

1 on 1 Tutoring: As always, MathMobile Tutorials specializes in 1-on-1 tutoring. Tutoring is available for all K - 12 subjects at your home, our office, or online! MathMobile offers FREE quarterly assessments for all of their students and this summer, we are offering the following promotions:

Online Tutoring - MathMobile is offering our lowest price ever at $25 per hour for online tutoring! Whether you want 5 or 500 hours, the price is $25 with no long term commitment required! All hours purchased during this promotion NEVER EXPIRE.

In Person Tutoring - 20 hours of 1-on-1 Tutoring for 3 monthly payments of $400! The minimum hour bundle is typically 50 hours but we are offering a lower bundle just for this summer!

To take advantage of these special offers call or text 915-585-6284 or email

For High School Students

Courses for Credit

MathMobile Tutorials is an accredited private school that offers one-on-one courses for credit. Courses for credit can be taken in a much shorter time period than retaking the course or summer school. These courses can help students:

Getting Ahead: We offer both standard and AP courses. Taking our accredited courses could allow you or your child the opportunity to get ahead in their class schedule so that more advanced courses could be taken. AP (Advanced Placement) courses are highly recommended for anyone interested in going to college after High School.

Boost Your GPA: Maybe you are on the fringe of a desired GPA (Grade Point Average); whether that be for personal, professional, or academic reasons. Taking an additional course and doing well in it can give you the chance to “bump” your overall grade average.

Summer School Replacement: The courses could be taken to replace or avoid summer school. We are COGNIA certified, so our courses are accredited and accepted nationwide. If you or your child failed a class, rather than retaking the class during the summer, you could enroll in one of courses during the following semester or elect to complete your summer school with us with a schedule that you set.

Each semester is worth 0.5 credits and both semesters must be taken to get full credit (1.0 credits) for the course. (Note: Not all courses require 1.0 credit (ie; Economics, Civics, Art classes, etc)).

Standard Courses are $980 per semester

Honors Courses (Pre-AP & AP) are $1295 per semester

You can find more information about our Courses for Credit at Courses for Credit | MathMobile or by calling 915-585-6284.

SAT/ ACT Test Prep

For students that want to go to college after high school, the SAT (or ACT) can seem like a daunting challenge. It doesn't have to be with our Test Prep courses! Summer is the perfect time to prepare for the SAT at your own pace without the pressures of a students regular schooling workload (homework, studying for tests, etc).

Read How a SAT or ACT Prep Course Can Help You if you are curious how this course will help or what it will entail and if you are still deciding whether the SAT or ACT is best for you check out our SAT vs ACT Guide.

We have revamped our SAT program to make it more effective and more affordable than ever before. We now offer the Math or ELA as seperate prep courses or you can take them both! Each course is $1249 (with payment plans available) and is 24 hours of 1-on-1 test prep. More than just subject material, the courses will teach you test taking skills that will make students more confident in all future exams!

You can find more information about our test prep programs by visiting or by calling or texting us at 915-585-6284.


Keeping your childs mind busy during the summer has numerous advantages that will benefit them in both their academic and work careers. MathMobile Tutorials aims to provide fun and educational summer programs so students can learn without feeling overwhelmed. We are happy to serve our community and we look forward to helping your family in the near future!